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With the price of fuel climbing, I decided that We needed something a little more economical for those short camping trips. We already have a 35' 5th wheel, which is great for extended trips, and a 10" pop-up pick-up camper that we bought to use when we take the boat out, but a lot of times we just need something to get us up off the ground for a short trip. Since we average about 11 mpg with the 5'er or the pick-up camper, we figured a small trailer to tow behind the Bug would be perfect. The Bug is a TDI, and averages between 40 and 48 mpg. Even pulling a trailer we figure that we should be able to reduce our fuel cost by 60% - 70%.

Having always been an old car fan, I was aware of teardrops, and had even considered building one, but the timing just wasn't right. With the kids still traveling with us, a tear didn't have enough room, and with the cost of fuel reasonable, comfort won out. Now that the kids are grown, and fuel prices are soaring, I've started building one.

Not having actually looked at a tear close up, and having no clue where to start, I began by searching the web. After finding several pages for teardrop manufacturers and a few personal teardrop pages, I hit upon a gold mine: The Teardrops & Tiny Trailers Forum. This site has all of the information you could want, and some great members that are glad to share their ideas and information with you. Wether you are building a teardrop from scratch, restoring an old one, or are planning another type of small travel trailer, they can (and will) help. It also has links to teardrop parts suppliers, personal teardrop pages, teardrop groups, and other information.

I started planning my tear about the first of the year. My plan was to have it ready for the First International Teardrop Gathering at Pioneer Villige in Minden Nebraska, June 23 - 26. Unfortunatly, I didn't start building until about March, and really didn't accomplish much until April. I am registered, and will be there, but my tear may be covered with a blue tarp instead of aluminum.

I will try to document my build on this site. Hopefully I can help others that want to build a teardrop, even if it only by providing an example of what not to do! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or are visiting the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and want to stop by and visit about teardrops, feel free to email me.

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