Welcome to Dreamweaver 2

Dreamweaver Information has an overview of features and current news.
Dreamweaver 2 New Features highlights the new features included in this release.

There are also several resources you may find useful in working with Dreamweaver:

Dreamweaver HTML Help Pages contain information about Dreamweaver's features and how to use them. Want help getting started? Simply open the Help Pages, and click "Tutorial" in the Table of Contents.
Dreamweaver Release Notes contains information learned after Dreamweaver Help was completed.
Dreamweaver Developers Center contains printable documentation and quick-reference cards, tips and tricks for using Dreamweaver, and information about how to use the powerful extensibility features in Dreamweaver 2 to write your own custom JavaScript objects, commands, behaviors, property inspectors, and data translators.
Dreamweaver Extensions Page offers free downloadable objects, behaviors, and commands to extend Dreamweaver 2.
Dreamweaver Discussion Group provides an open forum to discuss technical issues and share helpful techniques about Dreamweaver.
Send wishes (feature and change requests) to the Dreamweaver Team at wish-dreamweaver@macromedia.com. We'll do our best to make them come true.


The Macromedia Dreamweaver Team